Aerial Avian Coprophobia: fear of birds pooping on my head.
Athazagoraphobia: fear of being forgotten
Ereuthrophobia: fear of blushing
Pogonophobia: fear of beards
Equinophobia: fear of horses

10th April 2014



Lost 5 lbs this month! Very excited :)

Week after next my one night of vball per week becomes 3 nights. So with workouts already set for the other days my only day of “rest” is Friday. Which is the day I work both jobs, so I’m on my feet 7:30AM-1:30AM. Maybe I’ll lose 10 next month!?

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8th April 2014


A full meal only 535 calories!

I cooked up a package of Jennie-O Sweet Italian turkey sausage on my grill pan on the stove. I REALLY WANNA GRILL OUT, c’mon summer!!!!!

The package came with 5, 2 with no bun was plenty for me.
I paired it with apple poppyseed coleslaw, recipe here:
Note: if you buy the pre-mixed coleslaw like I did, this recipe is for about half a bag (I just eyeballed it). I made it last week (only using 3/4 of an apple both times, but my apples were huge) this time I subbed low fat mayo. *The calories above are for 1/4 of the recipe using regular mayo.*

Steve ate his with mustard and diced onion on buns (adds about 100calories each.) While I dipped mine in Open Pit’s “Apple Whiskey BBQ sauce” SOOOO GOOD!! Fun to pair this with the apple coleslaw. I also made some homemade pickles, yummy :)

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5th April 2014

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I have been going to the gym every Saturday for a month now. I tied one on pretty hard last night so, especially being dehydrated, I decided to take it easy today. I cut 20 minutes off my normal elliptical time and took it slow. When I started I used to do 30 min, and I’ve been slowing increasing my time, now I’m up to 50. Taking it easy I burned as many calories in 30 min as I used to when I went 30 minutes. Only difference, back then.. That was “going hard” for me. Basically what I’m saying is I’m proud of how much progress I’ve made, even if I’m not losing a ton of weight, I am getting stronger and better. Yey me!

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4th April 2014


Honey Garlic Porkchops

- 1.5 lb Porkchops
- 1C ketchup
- 1/3 C honey
- 1/4 C soy sauce
- 2 cloves minced garlic
- salt/pepper to taste

Salt and pepper the pork chops, I had 4 of them (boneless). Heat up grill or grill pan. Mix together remaining ingredients. (I bought 1.1lbs and had plenty of sauce left over). Brush sauce on porkchop, lay sauce side down on grill. Salt, pepper, and sauce the other side as it cooks. Each side will cook 3-5 minutes. I did 5 and 4, and mine were perfect. Once they have been flipped, spread sauce on it again. You can use any remaining sauce for dipping (I looove stuff saucy). I paired mine with a salad (no cheese, :( wahhh) and together these were just under 350 calories! I guess I coulda had the cheese after all!

Serves 4.

1st April 2014

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Baked veggies

-Your favorite veggies
- 3 Tbs EVOO
- juice of 1 lemon
- 2 cloves minced garlic
- fresh thyme
- salt/pepper to taste
(Serves 3-5 people)

Fill up a casserole dish with your favorite chopped up veggies, I chose: zucchini, red potatoes, carrots, and green beans.
Drizzle EVOO and juice of 1 lemon over veggies. *tip: if you microwave the lemon for about 10 seconds, then cut it in half you will get more juice out of the lemon* sprinkle salt, pepper, minced garlic, and fresh thyme over veggies. Toss to coat. Sprinkle with salt/pepper again if desired. Bake at 450 for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.

After Steve and I are them I was able to make us both lunches with the leftovers by simply adding 1 chopped up hot dog to each container.

**note calories seen above is for approx 1 serving, depending on what YOU eat, I over estimated the green beans**

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1st April 2014


Chicken Caesar Pita

Ingredients (per pita)
-large pita
- 3-4oz chicken (grilled or baked)
- romaine lettuce
- 1Tbs Caesar dressing (T marzetti makes my favorite)
-Parmesan cheese
- plain hummus (red pepper is good too)
- jalapeños (optional)

For 2 pitas a cooked and shredded 1 breast between the 2 and there was a little left over.

Cut open the pita, spread hummus inside one wall. Fill with ingredients. Gold over one edge and roll. Mine kind of fell apart, Steve’s stayed together. Would recommend microwaving pita for 15 seconds before stuffing.

441 calories each.
Could cut down by using wheat pita (I only eat white 😬) and light Caesar dressing, but I had regular on hand.

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31st March 2014

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Egg white muffins (full size)

-container of 100% egg whites
- whatever toppings you like in your omelets
- examples: peppers, fresh spinach, ham, cheese
- I also added Frank’s red hot and jalapeños to a few to really spice things up
- top with fresh black pepper

Depending on what you put in them, they are around 30-60 calories each! Each serving is about 3T egg whites (25 calories) 4 was perfect to fill me up on the weekend, during the week 2 had me good to go til lunch! These last at least 5 days in the fridge so you can make em Sunday morning and have plenty to get you through the week. One carton of egg whites made me 18 muffins!
Fun fact: the spinach turns parts of the egg green, so if you have spinach and ham you literally are eating: GREEN EGGS AND HAM!!

Spray the muffin tin first, add ingredients, then fill with egg whites last. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes (10 if you use mini muffin tin). Let them cool for about 5 min and pop ‘em out!

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31st March 2014


Lemon, Parmesan, Garlic Chicken and Asparagus

Preheat your over to 375.
Get a big piece of foil, place 7-9 asparagus spears in the center. The thick ends should be chopped off.
Place a chicken breast directly on top of the asparagus. (Mine was about 1/2lb, 8oz… Apparently 1 serving is 4oz, but who can eat only that? If that’s you this recipe will be under 300calories, go you!)
Put 1/2 tablespoon of butter on the center of the chicken breast.
Sprinkle 1T Parmesan cheese and 1T minced or chopped garlic and 1T lemon juice across chicken breast.
Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper to taste.
Close up the foil packet nice and tight and bake for about 40 minutes. Check your chicken at this point and see if it needs to cook longer. (Thickness of chicken breast will effect cooking time, mine was done in 45 min)

Ingredients (per serving/foil pack)
- 1/2 lb chicken breast
- 7-9 asparagus spears
- 1 T lemon juice
- 1 T grated Parmesan
- 1 T minced garlic
- 1/2 T butter
- salt/pepper to taste

If you’re anything like me, I keep everything but the chicken and asparagus always on hand, so this was a cheap trip to the grocery!

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31st March 2014


Finally starting my food blog!

So I’m gonna share my progress towards a healthier lifestyle by sharing recipes I’ve been making at home that are around 400 calories :)

Not sure how good of a job I’ll do, but hey- I’m gonna try

23rd June 2013

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My best advice to the world:

Don’t make any life altering decisions if its not 100% what you want. Don’t do something to be with some one or for someone if its not truly what you want. Through out your life the only person you have to continue to live with… Is yourself.